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Actor voice-over artist Fight Director Intimacy professional

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I am a Japanese actor, voice-over artist, fight director & certified intimacy professional. 

My pronouns are she/her. 

Over the years, I’ve trained and worked in a range of theatrical arts, honing my skills and my understanding of this creative, challenging and ever-changing industry. Rather than feeling like a "Jack of all trades", I choose to think of myself as a bowl of delicious ramen noodles (bear with me, it will make sense in a sec!).

In an authentic bowl of ramen noodles, you will find many different flavours, colours and textures that can sometimes seem in contrast to one another. Yet, in the hands of a skilled ramen chef, those different elements all come together in perfect harmony, giving you a warm, happy and satisfied feeling! 

Whichever part of the industry I’m working in, whether on or back stage,  in front or behind the camera, I will always be my authentic self and bring a ramen bowl full of artistry to my work! It’s my goal to leave all my clients and colleagues with that same happy, satisfied feeling.

When I am not in work mode, you’ll find me at home in Southend-on-Sea, exploring the local beach and parks with my partner JC and our feisty, curious daughter,




"As a performer and theatremaker, Haruka is vibrant, nuanced, embodied, innovative, generous, and intelligent.  She brightens the rehearsal room as much as she does the stage."- Ailin Conant, Director

"Haruka has fantastic instincts, attention to detail, and a sense of play that made our sessions both great fun and productive."

-Matt Wieteska, Head of Production at Six to Start

"Haruka Kuroda’s fight sequences are beautifully stylised yet also tingle with danger."- The Guardian 

"Haruka is the best of collaborators, open-hearted, fearless, fun to work with and a ready problem solver. She creates a safe, nurturing environment to take risks and tell the clearest possible story in fights and intimacy. The work we arrived at was starling and impactful." 

- Russell Bolam, Director


Spring 2024

I was recently going through some boxes that I kept up in the loft (I needed to do this as we are converting our loft space) with old photos, tax return paperwork with 100s of receipts, college papers and programmes of shows that I have seen over the years- some of them went back to as far as 1993- the year that I came to the U.K.! 

As I flicked through some of the programmes and Playbills, it made me wonder that in the industry of so much uncertainty and no promise of "career progression", how many of those actors and creatives are still working in the industry? As I reflected sitting among the pile of papers I also felt deeply grateful that after 24 years in the business, I am still working and making my living out of it (to pay for that loft conversion! lol)- I truly love what I do!! 


Anyway..... here is my Spring 2024 update!  

Underdog: The Other Other Bronte

at National Theatre, Directed by Natalie Ibu

The House Party

at Chichester Festival Theatre ,

Directed by Holly Race Roughan

The Taming of The Shrew

at Shakespeare's Globe ,

Directed by Jude Christian


The show is now running to full house audience nightly at the National until 25th May before they transfer to the Northern Theatre. Read a review

The House Party.webp
The Taming of the Shrew at the Globe.jpg

I am thrilled to work with Jude again and making my debut in the main stage of the Globe. 

I am super excited to work with Holly, the Artistic Director of  Headlong and Scott Graham from Frantic Assembly on this project! Get yourself a ticket- this is going to be pretty special.

Read a review

Such Brave Girls.jpg

Shogun has received rave reviews and you can now binge watch all the episodes on Disney+! 

I was so honoured to be part of the Intimacy Coordinators' team, led by the industry's leading IC Amanda Cutting from PIP. I have learned so much from her and I am so blessed to call her my colleague and friend. 

I also supported Tommy Bastow as his language coach for the role of Father Martin Alvito. 

  • Catch me as "Lara" on an award winning Apple TV Original, Lovely Little Farm ,"The Auntie of Min" the Wheel of Time S2 on Amazon Prime & a prenatal nurse on Such Brave Girls on BBC Three! 

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Caroline de Wolfe

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20 Old Compton Street, Soho





020 3141 3737
Foresters Hall
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(Intimacy Coordinator & Fight Directing)

Gary O'sullivan

@ Accelerate Management

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