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my voice-over journey

It was December 2000, and I got a call from Wendy Spun, a casting director who found me in the Graduate Spotlight, asking if I spoke Japanese and if I wanted to come in to audition for a new project called Gorillaz that Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett were launching in early 2001. The brief was vague and embarrassingly I had no idea who Damon and Jamie were, so I went in thinking that it was nothing more than a simple voice-over job (my very first paid acting job!). I thought I’d need to speak a little bit of Japanese for an animated band member, and that maybe if I was lucky I might hear my voice on an album somewhere.  

Well, I’ve never been so pleased to have been wrong!


I became the original voice of Gorillaz ‘Noodle’, providing all of her spoken dialogue for the next 7 years, travelling the world with the band and performing live in huge arenas to tens of thousands of Gorillaz fans.

To think that that was over 20 years ago is pretty unbelievable, but it opened the door to many more amazing voice-over opportunities. I have enjoyed every job that I have done since, so even though I am no longer the voice of Noodle, I can only thank the guys for giving me the chance to become the voice-over artist that I am today. 

To be honest, I also need to thank the Covid pandemic! Because of it, I now have a home studio. Because of it, I am able to record and edit using Pro Tools all by myself. (I didn't have a choice but learn and believe me, as a techno-phobe, this is huge!) I can now record from my lovely little garden studio, and can work with international clients from the comfort of my home.

During my voice-over career I have loved being Noodle, a little ninja, a vixen,  a war heroine, an alien, a blue chicken and more besides....

So, what's next?? 

Playing Age: Child- 50   |   Voice Quality: Warm, Bright, Friendly   |   Language: Japanese, English

Availability: Remote & On-Location   |   Live Direction: Yes (Zoom, Skype, Source Connect Now, Clean Feed)  

Mic: Steller X2   |   Condenser : Focusrite Scarlett 2i2  |   System: Window 10   |      Software: Pro Tools 10

clients include


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